Build is a program which helps science and engineering-based ventures to design, develop and build physical products. The program aims to address the specific hardware-needs of many physical product-based companies who have limited access to engineering and prototyping resources.

The goal is the creation of a working prototype or MVP at the end of the program.


Teams participating in Build will have access to:

  • Makerspace and project space to develop prototypes,

  • Engineering and technical support to assist access to and use of equipment and resolution of technical issues.

  • A series of workshops

  • Seminars

  • One-on-one support

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Build your business

Although the primary focus of Build is product design and development, through this process ventures will also define their business model, which will involve identifying customers, prioritizing target markets, segmenting customers, defining and articulating value propositions, and exploring product/service pricing.  In particular, teams are able to access support for their commercialization and innovation process, including IP protection and strategy.