Develop Innovative & Entrepreneurial Engineering Talent


The Emera ideaHUB supports multidisciplinary curricular and extra-curricular programs for students building innovative products to foster innovative and entrepreneurial talent. By providing students and faculty with the opportunity to explore, experience and engage in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, we help them to build skill sets that allow them to take risks and apply new ideas — knowing that both success and failure yield important lessons. Through strategic programs and partnerships across Dalhousie and with ecosystem partners, we empower students to make an impact locally and globally.


Our Purpose

The Emera ideaHUB enhances the educational experience and enables students to access the creative and entrepreneurial skills needed for their future. Students, faculty, and startups receive mentorship and support from successful entrepreneurs and recent graduates to bring their ideas for technology-based products to the market. Participants collaborate with their peers through knowledge sharing and expertise with world-class engineering research infrastructure. The supports for innovative and entrepreneurial skills are developed under the direction of the Emera ideaHUB Academic Lead and are integrated with other initiatives in the Faculty of Engineering and Dal Innovates programming.


IDEA Sandbox

Sandboxes at Dalhousie University are collaborative spaces that bring together students, mentors, and external advisors to take business concepts from idea to execution in a creative, problem-solving and innovative process.  Sandboxes are structured to encourage multi-disciplinary and team-based collaboration and enable participants to experiment with innovative business concepts through activities such workshops, panel discussions and events, make-a-thons/hack-a-thons and summer bootcamps. The physical Sandbox space acts as “collector” points for students where they can work on specific projects and have subject-matter specific seminars. The IDEA Sandbox allow us to expand existing entrepreneurship programs for students and give them more hands-on exposure to early-stage companies.


Capstone Project in Industry

As a course requirement all Dalhousie Faculty of Engineering students participate in a Capstone project in their final year of studies. The Capstone program gives students the opportunity to draw on previous years’ studies and apply their knowledge to solve a design problem. The majority of Capstone projects are sponsored by clients from industry who have presented a current problem which requires a technical solution. Capstone is a meaningful program to both students and industry because it integrates students' course work and engineering design skills, while providing innovative solution for many local industrial partners. The experience gained by Dalhousie students in completing this course requirement is invaluable and exposes every student to the opportunities and challenges of innovating a real-world solution. Capstone projects have also resulted in productivity gains, process and product improvements, and new product lines for our industry project sponsors.  

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