One of two new buildings constructed for the IDEA Project, the Emera IDEA Building dramatically enhances Dalhousie's capacity for research and development (R&D), providing greater opportunities for students, researchers, and industry to collaborate, innovate, and commercialize technologies in key economic sectors.

The Emera IDEA Building provides Dalhousie's faculty and student body with five new state-of-the-art workshops and prototyping labs, as well as innovation studios focused on hardware-based entrepreneurship. Top-of-the-line shops, tools and work spaces to help students, faculty, and startups design and build prototypes and learn design thinking and agile engineering skills.  

These new facilities take the place of aging mechanical and electrical engineering workshops, freeing up those former spaces to be renovated and refurbished into the Advanced Manufacturing Hub and Ocean Engineering Hub.

A generous $10 million donation from Emera Inc. has led to the creation of the Emera ideaHUB, an advanced incubator space designed to foster collaboration and help students, faculty and local startups develop entrepreneurial and innovation capacity, design and build prototypes, and launch new companies emerging from engineering and science research.

In addition to this, Micco Companies and Clearwater Seafoods generously contributed $2.5 million in support of the Emera ideaHUB.

In addition to the third-floor prototyping-labs which are accessible to Emera ideaHUB Bridge participants, the IDEA spaces include several major engineering labs and workshops which are operated by Dalhousie technical engineers.  Students and startups do not have full access to the first floor shops, but depending on availability can have work done on a fee-for-service basis.