The Dalhousie Emera ideaHUB Team


Our highly-equipped and skilled staff works with resident startup companies to guide them through the building stages of their physical-product concept.


Margaret Palmeter

Manager, Emera ideaHUB | 902-476-2030


Dr. Clif Johnston

Academic Director, Emera ideaHUB & IDEA Sandbox

NSERC Chair in Design Engineering


Craig Arthur

Manager, Safety & Operations

Dalhousie IDEA hub | Technical | Staff | Graham Murihead

Graham Muirhead

Engineering Staff, Emera ideaHUB


Dr. John Newhook

Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Chair, Emera ideaHUB Operations Committee


Jeff Larsen

Executive Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Co-Lead & Executive Director, Creative Destruction Lab - Atlantic

Emera ideaHUB Operations Committee

Stephen Hartlen

Associate Vice President Industry Relations

Emera ideaHUB Operations Committee